Ocarina (2 1/2 Storey Link Homes 22' x 70') - Specifications

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Ocarina (2 1/2 Storey Link Homes 22' x 70') - Specifications Empty Ocarina (2 1/2 Storey Link Homes 22' x 70') - Specifications

Post  Wyvernt on Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:43 pm

Built-up Area: 2,836 sq. ft.     SPECIFICATIONS
Structure:Reinforced Concrete Frame
Brick:Clay Bricks
Roofing Tiles:Concrete Roof Tiles
Roof Truss:Steel Trusses
Ceiling:Plaster Ceiling / Skim Coat
Windows:Aluminium Frame Top Hung/ Casement Window/ Fixed & Adjustables Glass Louvres Window
Doors:Main Entrance- Decorative Timber Door
Rooms- Timber Flush Door
Bathrooms- PVC Door
Living Area- Alunimiun Frame Sliding Door
Locks:Quality Lockset
Floor Finishes:Car Porch- Stamping Concrete
Living & Dining Area- Ceramic Tiles
Bedroom & Family Hall- Ceramic Tiles
Kitchens & Bathrooms- Ceramic Tiles
Wash Area & Store- Ceramic Tiles
Staircase & Utility Room- Ceramic Tiles
Wall Tiles:Dry Kitchen- 1500mm high Ceramic Tiles
Wet Kitchen - Ceiling Height Ceramic Tiles
Bathroom- Ceiling Height Ceramic Tiles
Painting:Internal Walls- Emulsion Paint
External Walls - Weather Resistant Paint
Sanitary Fittings:Sitting WC- 4 Nos
Wash Basin- 4 Nos
Shower Rose- 4 Nos
Water Taps- 12 Nos
Kitchen Sink- 2 Nos
Garden Tap- 1 No
Electrical Installations:Light Point- 24 Nos
Fan Point- 6 Nos
Bell Point - 1 No
Gate Light Point- 1 No
Telephone Outlet- 2 Nos
TV Point - 2 Nos
Power Point- 18 Nos
Water Heater Point- 2 Nos
Air-cond. Point - 2 Nos
Auto Gate Point - 1 No
Fencing:Front & Side- 1500mm Cement Brick Wall c/w M.S. Grille Fencing
Rear- Chain Link Fencing

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