Additional Guard - escort visitor's vehicle

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Additional Guard - escort visitor's vehicle Empty Additional Guard - escort visitor's vehicle

Post  Wyvernt on Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:40 pm

Alam Sanctuarians, ASRA has hired an additional guard per shift to solely escort visitorís vehicle to your doorstep, ring the doorbell & handover to you as house owner Ė only when youíve acknowledged receipt of your guests will the guard returns to the Guard House. If this protocol/SOP is not adhered to at any one time, please contact Sam (Guard Manager) at 016-913 1900 immediately. Please donít wait for a few days! Guard needs to be reprimanded on the spot!!! Thank you for your support & cooperation. Together, we can make a play a role in the overall safety & security in Alam Sanctuary.

Thank you.

Steven Wong
ASRA President

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